Printer: Xerox 255ST
Port9100 printing and LPR printing are both enabled on the printer.

Server is clustered OES-NW-sp2 plus post-patches including all the
latest updates to NDPSM, iPrint files, etc.
NDPSM= 3.01.20 dated June 7, 2006
NDPSGW=3.02.01 dated Oct 27, 2005

The latest drivers from Xerox have been downloaded and installed into
the Broker.

Printer has been connected in the past using Novell gateway, IP only,
LPR printing using the following gateway command:


and has printed in the past. This weekend the printer was migrated to
a clustered print manager using the migration tool, since then it will
not print. The printer will install to workstations, jobs can be sent
to the printer and the printer shows "printing" but never kicks out a
job. Looking at the printer in the print manager it shows that 32k of
the job has been transmitted and the job never progresses beyond this
point. All 200 other printers running from this same print manager
are working just fine.

I have changed the gateway configuration on the printer to:
and verified that port9100 printing was enabled on the printer, and I
still get the same results--jobs appear to arrive at the printer but
do not process through.

I then installed the printer on my workstation as a local printer
using an IP port and was able to print to it just fine--kicks out the
job immediately. I went into the printer properties and noted that it
had, by default, set up to use LPR printing with a print name of
"lp"-- the same as I had been using in the string on the Novell
gateway. I then switched the IP port to RAW and port 9100 and again
was able to print through it. However, I have not had any success
getting this printer to print using the Novell gateway--even when
setting up a new printer agent for the printer via iManager.

Any ideas?? Thanks,