I am trying to lock down a few printers in our environment. Currently any
user can go to the IPP website and install any printer.

How do I do this? This is what I did but it's not working:

Using iManager I added the users who I want to print to the printer to the
User Role on the Access Control tab of the PA. The security level on the
Access Control > Security tab is set to Medium. On the Client Support tab
I checked "Enable secure printing".

When a user (who is a member of the User Role of the printer) goes to the
IPP page and tries to install the printer he gets a pop up and is asked to

First of all, should this be happening if he is a member of the User Role,
and already logged into the network with these credentials via the Novell

Second, if this is how it should work, is there a way to set it up so they
don't have to authenticate but only users in the User Role can print to it?