What does iprntctl.exe use?
What should not the other application do?

The whole story is below.

I found that if many persons open the identical file in the Netware
shared folder from many WIndows computers and all persons close it, the
file is still accessed and it cannot be deleted.
I think that it is the bug of the Netware6.5.

I enhanced the application to do below.
1.Try to create the temporary file in order of the exclusive access
2.If a application can create the temporary file, open the target file.
3.After closing the target file, delete the temporary file.

So the application can access a file in Neware shared folder from some
Windows computers with no problem.

But my user said that every time he used enhanced version, iprntctl.exe
version 4.1.2 crushed.

I cannot find why such a enhancement triggers iprntctl.exe's crush.

Could someone let me know the specification of the iprntctl.exe?
What does iprntctl.exe use?