I am in a NetWare 6.5 environment and we continue to use NDPS. When I
add a user to one of the NDPS groups to pull the driver for a printer,
(an HP 4250 in this case and a 750c plotter last week) they pull the
driver down as expected. However, before the dialog box closes, the last
thing it does is remove the printer. On users that do not have the
dialog box enabled, they see the printers add to the Workstation (All
WinXP), a flash or two then the printers start disappearing. I don't
have any idea where to start looking to fix this. Some of the other
users are working with NDPS, but I am not sure how they were setup. The
printers are working when the driver is manually installed, so I am
suspicious this may be the case.

Thanks for any help
Rob Simpleman