Still fighting with iPrint!

We have a need to to create a custom page definition in the print
driver for an application. When I create the definition on the printer
using plain IP printing it works fine. When I create the page
definition with the iPrint printer, it does not send the proper
information to the priner, it keeps asking for standard paper.

When I look at the properties of both printers the definitions are
identical. I am guessing that some properties that are not getting
passed some how.

NetWare 6.5.3a
NetWare Client 4.91sp1 or 4.91sp2
iPrint Client 4.16
Most PCs are running GB NICs

Lexmark T630 or T632 printers
Tried a couple of different drivers, running 8.2.2 or

Any ideas or suggestions on how to fix or troubleshoot this.