I have a Netware 6.5 SP5 server running Apache2 2.0.54. The iPrint client
we are using is 4.15 on a windows XP Pro SP2 machine with the firewall
The problem I am having is that the printers will become unavailable on an
intermittent basis frequently throughout the day.
While the iPrint printer is sitting there unavailable an NDPS printer that
points to the same printer can print without any troubles. I am able to
ping both the server and the Printer from my workstation with 1500 byte
packets with no lost packets whatsoever. The server can also ping the
printer with no troubles.

One thing we have noticed is that when we went to restart the Apache web
server the server hung while trying to close 1024 threads. I looked in
the httpd.conf file and realized that is the absolute maximum thread count
for the server. After rebooting the server and running through the
DSRepairs I checked the thread count again after the day was done and the
thread count is currently at 10.
I had also checked some of the other servers in our network durin the busy
hours, one server was at 1 thread the other server was at 25 threads.

Is there a way to debug the apache web server and see what is consuming
all these threads?
Is it unusual for a server to consume all 1024 threads?
Does anyone have any reccomendations on how to deal with this type of

Thank you for your time,

William Sixsmith