We installed our first OES SP2 Linux server with most of the netware
services installed, including iPrint. IPrint is configured, we can
install the client and drivers for both Windows and LInux clients from
the servername/ipp web page, and can print from both. But the printer
doesn't show up in eDir ( in ConsoleOne or iManage. Thus, we
cannot associate the iPrint policy with a printer.

We have not run rug updates on the linux box yet. Install was done
straight from the SP2 download.

We are running iPrint on an OES Netware box and that is not a problem.

Not sure this is the right forum since this seems a potential iPrint,
OES Linux, or eDir problem. I posted this to the oes.linux.printing
forum but received no response.

How can we install and print to a printer that doesn't show up in