Hopefully someone can advise on this one...
Every night we get the following error:
Error (4) occurred while saving a backup of the NDPS Manager database

This is on a Netware 5.1 SP6 server with NDPSM>NLM version 3.01a dated
18 Feb 2003.
Reading various TID's there is mention made of a sys:\ndps\xxx.psm. I
have done an 'examine database' within NDPSM to get the name of the
correct psm location, but although it exists there are no files within
that folder. How can I mess with the PSMDB files if they don't exist??
I'm wary of carrying out a 'Resynch DB files' from NDPSM as I don't
know what this will do.

Can anyone shed any light on what is happening here?
Thanks in advance,