I'm trying to move print jobs for the first time ever from one printer
agent to another, and I'm getting a strange error. I select one of the
waiting print jobs (this printer is down), click on move, select the
printer, and then click ok. I then get the following error:

Exception performing action on Job List
The requested object does not exist

This is NW65(OES)SP5 without and with IPRNTNW65SP5C applied. I've
unloaded and reloaded the broker & manager, and I also stopped and started
apache (ap2webdn/up) all after applying IPRNTNW65SP5C. I've also logged
out of iManager and logged back in. Any ideas what's going on? This is
iManager 2.5.

Interesting note as I've been typing this post... this problem is only
with iManager on one NetWare server. If I use iManager on another server,
also NW65SP5 (but no post SP5 iPrint patch) but in another container,
everything works. I've noticed a problem with iManager itself on the two
servers... one server will allow me to manage iManager plugins, the other
won't. The one that won't is also the one giving me the error when I try
to move print jobs.

Any ideas? Should I post in an iManager forum?