On two separate machines, a windows 2K client and a Windows XP Pro client,
printing to our HP DesignJet 800 is slow to the point of crashing. Most
times, the program has to be restarted if the HP 800 was used to print, it
takes several minutes to hours for the print dialog to appear.

On most workstations, this printer works fine.

I thought it was an issue with the HP gateway, so I migrated everything to
the Novell gateway, but this has not solved the problem.

New drivers have not fixed the issue either, neither has new client

When I setup a printer to print directly to the IP address for this printer,
the afflicted systems print fine, this isn't a viable solution though, as
many settings in AutoCAD require printing to the same port as other users.

So It has to be something with NDPS interaction. I'm running NetWare 6.0
SP5, can I apply the NDPS updates for NetWare 6.5? Or will that break

Thanks for any suggestions, please let me know if I haven't described the
problem succinctly.