i have iprint running on a OES Linux SP2 box. Although its doing quite
well most of the time, i have some trouble with random manager (ipsmd)

It looks like it happens whenever one of the printers has a problem (out
of paper or such). Sometimes the person who's in charge for the
particular printer needs some time to recognize and fix the problem.
After that, iPrint refuses to print any other job. The PSMstatus page
shows "all fine", even the concerned printer agent is "green" and has
jobs attached. However, the jobs are hanging there forever...
When i try to shut down the Printer with iManager or the PSMstatus page,
i get a appache timeout after a while. Doing a "rcnovell-ipsmd stop" on
the linux console brings a "failed".
The only fix i found: killall -9 ipsmd && rcnovell-ipsmd start.

Serving 30 mostly dot-matrix and some laser printers with a decent job
volume (approx 1300-1500 jobs and 3000 pages each day),
this iPrint problem makes some major headache, as you might guess...

Some facts about the environment:
- Oes Linux SP2 with all patches
- iPrint 4.16 client on windows boxes
- another SLES9 Server with some unix app's forwards its printjob
through lpd to the iPrint server (we found the linux iprint client to
- iPrint is sending its jobs also through lpd (not raw) to the printservers

We are also struck by the problem from TID10100655:
"Repeated 506D000C error shown in "Latest Client Events" within the
iPrint Manager Status page".
The error is repeated two times per minute. Not sure if this is related,

I hope someone can help me...

Thank you in advice,

Thomas Weber