I have a problem with our NDPS database. All printers are working
normally, but I can not add a new printer. We have a single Manager
and Broker running on a Netware 6.5 SP4a server.

SYS$Log.err shows the following error repeatedly.
Error (34960) occurred while saving a back up of the NDPS Manager
database.Also, the ndpsmon.log file shows a lot of errors to do with
reading and writing to a replica.
Error (8890) was returned, operation "Read" . Replica on server

I have done a health check on NDS, all appears to be OK, but a repair
on the local database returned around 70 errors originally. These have
now cleared up.

Do I need to rebuild the NDPS database? If so how do I do this.

Any help appreciaed.
Thanks, Graham Townsend.