We recently migrated from NW6 sp5 to NW65SP5. The reason was that from sp4
onwards its possible that Iprint installs the printer options and trays in
a profile. After installation on one site I have a lot of complaints that
Word and Excel are very slow. Accessing the server is as fast as it used
to be, it's just the programs that are very slow. I installed iprint
client 4.16 but no relief. I installed the patch for the memory leak on
the server but no go. As a test I advised one of my users to take his
laptop home (so stand alone) and 'feel'the difference between working with
and without the Iprint client and without the Iprint software installed
the laptop is MUCh faster. Another symptom is that if you want to print
something for instance in Excel, it will take a while (and this 'while'
increases somtimes) before you can chose which tray and how many copies
etc.. If you print it again, so a second time, it's fast again! I never
had any of this kind of problems on NW6...:-( The clients are windows
2000sp4 with Novell client 4.91 sp2. I tried a freshly installed pc, buut
that doesnt help. Also Zenworks 4 ir6 is installed.

Do you have any suggestions???