We have a customer with two printers configured via Iprint. One
Canon one Xerox both using the Novell Gateway. After rebooting the
server both print fine for a few days. The Xerox then suddenly
takes a turn for the worst being if you send print jobs too it,
they sit in the spool for hours on end. The first job seems to go
fairly quick, but each additional job takes approximately 20
minutes to start printing.

The printer checks out fine and if I print to it directly from
workstation to printer there is no issue. Unloading and reloading
the manager helps the first job but again the rest sit there.

In contact with Xerox support they suggest it sounds like the
printer is not receiving and EOJ command from the manager. I think
I've seen this somewhere before but cannot find the TID on how to

Does anyone have the answer here? Much , much obliged.


Martin Stepanek
martin@image"Hyphen"technology"DOT"com (
'mailto:martin@image"Hyphen"technology"DOT"com' )