I have a rather strange problem. NDPS Manager v3.01q on NW6.5sp4a server,
iPrint has been running for over a year w/o problems then out of the blue I
get (undefined 505) when I access the IPP page. I checked and at the console
there is a printer in the list named unknown and status shows shut down. If
I try to delete it the server abends. Also, if I try to re-synchronize the
database the server abends. The only other place I can see this unknown
object is in Remote Manager. I tried shutting down ndpsm, deleting the
contents of the psm folder and restored the db from NDS. When it came back
up the unknown printer came back. Where would I look to find this object to
delete it besides the ndps manager console? I am wanting to migrate these
printers to an OES Linux server but the consolidation utility chokes when I
try to expand the Printer Manager object to get a list of the printers. Any
help appreciated.
Richard G.