Using the 4.16 or 4.20 iprint client to a NW6.5 Sp5 patched server,
using iManager Mobile 2.6 or iManager on a server 2.5, cannot upload
this one HP 2300 driver. Tried both PCL5, PCL6, PS, no go. Different
brokers, same problem. ( version?)

Other drivers upload fine to all tested Brokers.

Tried the Cool Solutions tool to unpack and rebundle, did not help.
Tried installing from file did not work.

Install from System was interesting, since we cannot find the name in
the list even though it is a valid driver in Printers and Faxes.

So pretty clearly it is somehow driver related. We watch the
c:ndps\xfer dir and see the files appear, get Zipped, then disappear,
the page refreshes in iMan as if it was accepted, and then we get an
error: Page error occured and even if we hit Apply, it does not appear
in the list.

So can anyone help? Even if only to hand me the ZIPed up version of
this driver from your Broker so I can drop it into mine. :) Thanks!