As you may know, renaming a printer agent should cause an automatic rename
of the printer on the windows client. As you also may know, through sad
experience or reading here, this is more unsuccessful than successful.
Various problems have appeared (this is what we have personally
1. The iPrint client doesn't do anything, nothing happens, but the printer
status changes from ready to either 'error' or 'opening'.
2. The iPrint client pops up an OK prompt saying that the "Administrator
has renamed...", but clicking on OK does not lead to a successful rename:
(randomly) it will hang the entire workstation/loop endlessly on the
"Administrator..." msg/delete the printers but not re-add them.
3. An uncloseable "NDPS Manager" window will popup saying that a rename is
in progress (or some such).

Our troubleshooting has found ONE clue as to why this set of events
occurs: there are still print jobs sitting in the Windows spooler
(c:\windows\system32\spool\printers). iPrint removes the printers while
these jobs remain and then gets into a deadlock with the Windows spooler
service. The workaround is to stop the spooler service (net stop spooler),
delete the files in the spool directory, restart the spooler service (net
start spooler). Then the iPrint rename (actually a delete printer, add
printer operation) proceeds normally (most of the time, sometimes it does
not re-add the printers).

1. Do not REMOVE a printer because of a RENAME, just rename it.
2. Check the spooler for jobs before removing/re-adding printers, or
3. Permit the client printer to "Print Directly to Printer" instead of
spooling locally (this used to be an available option with the ndps
printer agent). This way you would not get into contention with the
Windows spooler.
4. Enhancement Request: ability to suppress the "Administrator is renaming
your printers..." dialog box.


Ron Neilly
Okanagan College

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