We want to use DHCP/DDNS to ease our printer installation. Presently we use
fixed IP adresses with the Novell Gateway (NDPSGW.NLM).

Now we have to change all our IP subneting and we want to take advantage of
DHCP/DDNS to simplify printers maintenance.

In our testing phase, we discoverd that the NDPS Manager seems to refresh
its DNS cache every hour or so. In fact if the IP addresse of a printer
change because we change is VLAN, the DNS is updated correctly but it can
take a full our for the NDPSM to print a new job on that printer. Is there
a way to manualy flush the DNS cache of the NDPS Manager.

Thank's for your help!

NW6.5 SP4
NDPSM.NLM 3.01.20 Feb 22, 2006
NDPSGW.NLM 3.02 July 14, 2005

Claude Proteau