I have a number of netware 5.1 SP 8 servers with NDPS 2.1.9 installed
I want to be able to start using iprint on this server.

We currently use NDPS for the printers.

Do I need to reinstall NDPS to get iprint to be installed or do i have to
install some thing else.
If I need to install NDPS again will this delete the NDPS printers
already installed.

I have tried copying the system\ipp and login\ippdocs from the 5.1 SP8
overlay cd to the server. This partly works except I keep getting asked
to login to the iprint web pages.

I have Iprint on netware 6.5 servers and I don not need to login into the
iprint web pages to install an iprint printer.

(I know netware 5.1 is going end of life and I am upgrading to netware
6.5 but Iprint would be very handy on the Netware 5.1 server until they
get upgraded)