Hello Friends,

I am new to Linux, and particularly very new (beginner) to SuSE Linux. So
forgive me if my questions may sound silly. I am not familiar with the
system, operation, and nor with the terms used in Linux system.

Here are my problems:
1- PRINTER PROBLEM: I have been trying to install my LEXMARK X1150 All in
one printer (+scanner+copier) machine to my computer, but i have been
failing at each time. I tried to search about it in the internet and found
some nice web sites explaining it, but i couldn't understand anything.

My system is AMD Sempron 2800 (tm), 80 GB HD, 2 GB CPU, 750 MHz Ram... I
connected the printer via USB port. I tried to make my system which is SuSE
Linux 10.1 recognize the machine and tried to use printer manager. At the
final stage, it began asking me some passwords, and i entered the user id
and password which i use to log in to the system, but it does not work. Do
i have to create a new password for this? It will be great if you could
explain it step by step with all details, please.

2- USING and INSTALLING SOFTWARE PROBLEM: When i download something from
internet; or try to install a program/software from CD, I am having big
difficulties. Simply, how can i install/run a program or software in this
SuSE Linux 10.1?

(copy) my dvd movies?

4- OTHER APPLICATIONS SUCH AS WEBCAM: Similar to case 1, how shall i
install my memory stick, webcam, digicam, etc...?

If you could explain with all details on what i should do, what i should
type where, i will be grateful to you.

I tried to use Linux a couple of times before by installing Mandrake 10.1,
Fedora Core 5, and Ubuntu but unfortunately each time because of these
issues i mentioned above, i had to give up and go back to windows.

I love Linux system indeed for being stable against to viruses and having
lots of rich applications and of course free. This time with your valuable
helps, i would like stick onto Linux system.

So, please help me. Thank you in advance and thank you for your patience to

British Columbia, Canada