I recently managed to abend the server, this is after a clean scheduled
restart of the server earlier in the morning.

Fatal Exception (Number 14, Cause Abend: Page Fault Running Process:
Apache_Worker 30 Code executing in module DPLSV386.NLM v1.14 at offset
+206E3h). The Abend log was not written out - the server locked solid
- I got this info from the HP integrated management log.

I triggered the abend by using imanager to view a printer agent, where
I had noticed that some of the details of a recently added printer
agent were not correct (lost driver associations and gateway load

Another recently created printer agent also had reverted back to its
previous gateway load string too, it required a special port name which
was unique to ricoh and its fiery network card.

Anyway, my question is, is there anyway to verify the manager database
and scan for corruption?

I have had no further abends but am a little nervous about this
occuring again.