iPrint incident.

I have encountered a problem in iPrint.
At this moment i do not have a clear lead of what the cause of this
problem can be, though it has come to my attention that this problem
mainly occurs after the Novell password of the client has been reset.

Discription of the problem:
No printers are displayed anymore.
Iprint icon is gone in taskbar.
User cannot install other printers.

At this moment the only fast solution i know is to reinstall the iPint
application, wich will set every setting to default. After this
everything is fully operational again and there are no more problems.

Because of the above stated solution it clearly shows that the program
has been corrupted. I have read Novell's kb for iPrint to find comparable
incidents, unfortunatly i could not find anything similar to this one.

Does this problem sound familiar, have already a solution to prevent the
program getting corrupted again or do you need more information please
mail me at Remco.Lagendijk@nl.fujitsu.com or post a reply.

Thanks in advance,

Remco Lagendijk.