I know this question has been asked 100 times but I want to make sure I understand.

I'm running NW6.5 SP4 and I need to install Canon drivers on all my workstations. I also need to be able to use the accounting features of the printers to control the number of color prints run.

If I use iPrint to push out the drivers I get to use profiles but the accounting functions won't work with an iPrint printer so I can't use iPrint.

If I set the printers up as NDPS printers rather than iPrint printers I can push out the drivers but I can't use profiles. Is this a true statement?

Even if I can get the drivers installed on the pc's using NDPS it still leaves me visiting every machine to set the device settings of the printers.

Am I missing something? How do you install and configure drivers on pc's without visiting every pc?

Thank You