i would like to know if there is a way to stop and restart my NW6.5.3
server's printer agents from the System Console? (i am running NDPS)

I know that i can do this from iManager, but sometimes the internet
connection to that site goes down.

Is it possible to restart the Printer Agents without restarting the server?
If so, could you provide an example syntax at the Server Console?

I know for instance:
unload broker <enter>
unload ndpsm <enter>

load broker ex-broker1.ex-o <enter>
load ndpsm .ex_printman1.ex-o <enter>
- this would retstart the broker & the print manager

but what about my my individual printers? how do i restart the printer agents?
Or do i even need to?
Would stop/starting the Broker & Printmanager also restart all my Printer

any help would be appreciated