Looks like there may be some issues with the iprntnw65sp5d update.

After applying the update, I got a message on my workstation (iprint 4.16)
saying that the Admin had renamed the printers and it was going to fix them.
The existing printers on my station were installed long before we went to
short names so they had the older https://... naming. Seems like an Ok
option although there was no mention in the readme of this new behavior.

It got to the third printer and the server multiple-abended and had to be

On the second reboot, I tried to print from another system and it was
listing several printers as status "error". I got it to print once but on
the second attempt I got an abend in the Apache worker process.

I backrev'd all the modules back to the "C" version, and backreved Mod_IPP
to sp5 and the system is now stable again.

Just say "no" to iprntnw65sp5d!