I'm installing a new server with NetWare OES sp2 and updates nw65os5a,
n65nss5a, dprpc_security, iprntnw65sp5d, nipp420, icmiprnt. According to
the readme,

To configure the iCM client attributes:

1. In Novell iManager, click iPrint > iPrint Client Management.
2. Browse to and select the Organization, Organizational Unit,
Group or User object you want to automatically configure iPrint Client
Settings for.

At that point iManager shows an "Error reading Printer Configuration, A
newer schema is needed for this functionality. Attribute could not be
found: iPrintRPMControlFlags"

We verified the schema extension and that's ok. See below. We don't see
this new attribute iPrintRPMControlFlags so it might be a problem with this
update. Who can verify this behaviour or set us up in the right manner?


Joost Sannen

Novell Import Convert Export utility for Novell eDirectory
version: 10552.51
Copyright 2000 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. Patent Pending.
Source Handler: ICE Schema handler for Novell eDirectory (version: 10552.40 )
Destination Handler: ICE LDAP handler for Novell eDirectory (version:
10552.40 )
Getting source schema...done.
Schema Entry No 1:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintDriverStoreCustomers
Schema Entry No 2:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintDriverStoreIPPURI
Schema Entry No 3:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintManagerDBGenNum
Schema Entry No 4:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintManagerDBPath
Schema Entry No 5:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintManagerDBSaveData
Schema Entry No 6:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintManagerDBSaveIndex
Schema Entry No 7:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintManagerDBSaveTime
Schema Entry No 8:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintManagerIDS
Schema Entry No 9:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintManagerIPPURI
Schema Entry No 10:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintManagerPOtoPAidMap
Schema Entry No 11:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintManagerDefaultURI
Schema Entry No 12:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintPrinterIPPURI
Schema Entry No 13:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintPrinterManager
Schema Entry No 14:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintPrinterOperatorRole
Schema Entry No 15:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintPrinterPAName
Schema Entry No 16:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintPrinterUserRole
Schema Entry No 17:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintPrinterControlPage
Schema Entry No 18:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintiCMClientFlags
Schema Entry No 19:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintiCMClientProxyURI
Schema Entry No 20:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintiCMClientTrayURI
Schema Entry No 21:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintiCMPrinterFlags
Schema Entry No 22:Parsed an attribute with entryname:iPrintiCMPrinterList
Schema Entry No 23:Parsed an objectclass with entryname:iPrintDriverStore
Schema Entry No 24:Parsed an objectclass with entryname:iPrintManager
Schema Entry No 25:Parsed an objectclass with entryname:iPrintPrinter
Schema Entry No 26:Parsed an objectclass with entryname:User
Schema Entry No 27:Parsed an objectclass with entryname:Group
Schema Entry No 28:Parsed an objectclass with entryname:Organization
Schema Entry No 29:Parsed an objectclass with entryname:Organizational Unit

Summary :
Total Records Parsed = 29
Attributes Parsed = 22
ObjectClasses Parsed = 7

Getting destination schema...done.
Starting schema update...
Schema already updated.