I am experiencing this same exact problem,, cannot add new iprint
printers because cannot add drivers. However, We are running iprint in a
a two node NW60sp5 cluster environment. Edir is v86.0.2, imanager is
v1.2.2, & nici is v2.6.8.

The plugin suggested below from the following thread is not for img 1.2.2
or NW 6.0.. I searched for files mentioned in (TID 10100923, but do not
have those files. Only find Tomcat\33\webapps\... & Tomcat\322
\webapps\... but files mentioned are not there.

Please advise,,, how can I fix problem.

Forum/Group: novell.support.iprint
Subject: Re: Cannot add drivers to Broker
Author: Marcel Cox
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2006 20:52:20 UTC

It's a known bug in the iPrint plugins and not in iManager itself. What
you need is the latest iPrint plugins available here:


The actual issue is documented in the following TID: