We run on NetWare 6, SP5; use only NDPS (one Broker v.3.0.9; two NDPSM
v.3.01i) on a cluster. Workstations all run WinXPSP2, Client 4.91SP2.
Normally, when I have to test a (new) driver, I rename the driver name in
the OEMSETUP.INF-file and with this name the driver is added to the driver
database. This way I can keep the driver that is being used, as well as the
test-driver. So far no problem.

For one manufacturer (Nashuatec) we need to test a series of new driver in
order to solve a problem we have. However they have locked the drivername
and a name-check is run every time the driver is installed or the spooler
is started. If you change the drivername, you get an error about this not
being the correct driver.

The name-check is in-built in all their drivers since one or two years, and
is part of the driver. I can upload the driver into the NDPS-driver
database, but it wonít distribute.

Is it a possibility to somehow install the test-driver under a different
name into the database without actually changing the typename in the driver

Changing only the following:

In the ndps.inf:
"NRG D422/2822/3222 PCL 6" =

and in the NDPSTOC.INI
"NRG D422 PCL 6 duplex"="PCL","NRGD422/2822/32223528;NRGD422/2822/32223528"

Isnít going to work, weíve tried it. But can this actually work somehow,
and if yes, how?