Just got secure printing working on a mac OS X Tiger.

The server is NW65SP5 + lots of patches including iPrintnw65sp5d.

The client installed on the mac ok from the default http://server/ipp
web page.

Installed a standard printer (first having uploaded a ppd for that
printer via imanager etc etc)
no problem. Printed ok.

Installed a secure printer and was prompted for username/pwd. Entered
the details and installed ok. Load a simple text document to print.
Clicked print and was prompted for username/pwd again. Entered the
details and it printed out ok.

Tried to print again and was prompted for username/pwd again. There
was no restarts of the mac or anything.

Is this the correct behaviour (prompt every print) or should the
username/pwd be stored somewhere for future use of that logged in

Help please....