I recently opened my big mouth before thinking and need a little help
digging myself out. I told a client that iPrint could print to any
printer. If Windows can print to it Novell can print to it! Well maybe

I am trying to connect a KipStar 2000 Plotter. (similar to a Hp
DesignJet) The network device itself is a stripped down Linux box with
the plotter connected directly to it.

In Windows the settings were:
IP Address:
LPR queue name: plotter
Byte Count Enabled
Driver: HP755CM (C3198A)

I am able to replicate all of these settings in iManager except the Byte
Count Enabled. Hoping it wouldn't matter I set up the printer, but it
doesn't work. Therefore I am thinking that the Byte Count Enabled
actually does matter.

First of all, what the hell does that setting do?
Second, how to I enable it in iManager/iPrint/NDPS?