I have recently setup iprint printers. I installed via the iprint client.

Users were printing after I installed the printer

I was dabling in iManager under the iPrint heading Manage Print Manager.
On the Printer Agents - Services tab I noticed check boxes for Secure.

I checked them

In learning/reading/researching about iprint (vs the ndps printers I had
setup) I recall reading something about some setting changing the ipp url
for security and that printers would need to be reinstalled.
Is that related to those check boxes?

I may have been a bit overzealous. All of my users are on the LAN and will
be printing to printers on the LAN. I don't really have any 'outside
world' trying to print. I don't have users outside the firewall or on the
other side of my router trying to print.

I will try reinstalling the printers but wanted to get
clarification/insight on the security and its setup on iPrint printers.