I'm embarrased to say I have never been able to 'get my head around' what
driver to use when it comes time to install a printer. I have a stable of
recent HP printers (4600,4700, 5550) the driver usually has 3 choices: PCL
5, PCL 6, PS. I think I know to stay away from PS unless some app needs it,
but why the difference PCL5 vs PCL6. Basic Office printing, occasional
picture and publisher type documents.

I am using iPrint with Driver profiles to setup Duplexing and to print on
both sides automatically.
I have an odd issue. Document in Word and tell it to print 4 copies. I only
get 1 copy, and the printer says its printing a duplex job but it only
prints on 1 side.

So I wonder if you setup duplexing to print on both sides automatically.
and send a 1 page print job to the printer for 6 copies, should you get 6
copies or 3 duplexed copies. I would think 6 1 page copies but my
experience with duplexing is limited.

currently, if I ask for multiple copies I only get one page out....driver
issue?? at least on the 1 type of printer I have.

My head hurts with getting to iPrint...I like what I have learned so far,
can't wait to get all the things settled