This is after a migration from source NW6.5 SP4a server to OES-NW SP2
(NW6.5 SP5) pre-migration server.

iManager 2.5 is working, but after I install iPrint, Apache won't load.
The admin instance loads. If I uninstall iPrint, iManager works again. I
have removed and reinstalled Apache, Apache admin, Tomcat, iManager and
iPrint. I cannot install iPrint and keep Apache running.
This is the main file and print server and the customer wants to move
from queue based printing to iprint.
I am suspicious if imanager is running ok because I can't create a broker
object for this server or another server in the tree. I get a
message "server error". That's it. If I use imanager 2.02 on the other
server, I can create the broker object. I did create a test user object
with the 2.5 version. That's all I tested.
I've been thinking of putting the oes sp2 update on the server and
running that to refresh all the code.
Side question, is NDPS part of system install, or part of iprint install?

TIA, Rich

P.s. cross posting to iprint forum