I am having a lot of users call because their systems are locking up when
printing to iPrint printers. We have been resolving this by uninstalling
the client and reinstalling. I have posted on here about this issue w/o
responses. I tried the iPrint client traces and they told me nothing. I
have one branch still on client v03.09.00 and they haven't had any
uninstall/reinstall problems for months.

We are on NW 6.5 SP2, client v04.06.00 on XP SP1 workstations, and
iManager 2.0.2. I am considering upgrading the iPrint Client on the
workstations to see if we get less uninstall/reinstall problems. I see
that 4.20 is out now. Are there any known issues? Do I have to upgrade
to the latest NW support pack for iManager to play nice with the latest
iPrint client? I was hoping to just update the clients on the
workstations and leave iManager at 2.0.2 for now. We have to do some
major testing before pushing out a new NW support pack on 50+ netware

Your thoughts? Thanks for your help.