Okay, We've rolled out NDPS to about half our corporate office (roughly
50-75 pc's so far) and are now having a high percentage of machines
getting "spooler subsystem" errors. The Print spooler service crashes,
randomly, and one of two things need to be done. We can either manually
start the service again or have the user reboot, resulting in the service
being restarted at bootup. The machines are almost all Windows XP spk1
fully patched but we have seen this on a few XP Spk2 fully patched
systems as well. They are all running the latest 4.91 client fully
patched with all PUBLIC patches and no beta patches.

Is this an NDPS issue or an OS issue? It started when we began to load
our new Toshiba 3100 and 451 printers but has also occured on systems
with HP 1320 NDPS printers installed on them as well. Like I mentioned
previously it is random and not affecting all machines. I have not been
able to pin down a common thread between the machines that are affected
by this either. Any help is appreciated.