OES/NW6.5 iManager 2.6 XPSP2 Workstations

I have the iPrint client on *my* workstation to facilitate adding
drivers to the broker.

Using iPrint in iManager to create/configure NDPS printers.
(Is there another way? - saw a reference to NWADMN32 but it doesn't seem to
know anything about NDPS - plugin needed?)

Installing drivers to the Broker can be problematic. Some won't install -
HP Colour Laserjet will NOT install from the CD, though it installed when I
downloaded the version from the HP support site. It seems to lose track of
where files are if they config isn't all in a single folder near as I can

It then installed automagically on my workstation without a problem.
Just about everywhere else it stops halfway through and complains that the
driver is invalid and I have to manually point to the source files to add a

Some other printers do the same thing, but not all.

Some install flawlessly. All seem to work fine.

However NOTIFY doesn't work anywhere. When you click the notify tab in the
printer properties on the workstation it whines about the mananger not
running or the printer being offline.
Naturally, neither is correct and the printer works fine.

I heard a rumour there is an issue with the NW Client that causes this, we
are running Client 4.91SP2 for XP in a pure ip environment.

I hope I'm in the right forum here....



Geoff Roberts
Computer Systems Manager
Saint Mark's College
Port Pirie, South Australia
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