Okay I use printer groups to install printers automatically at login for
our users. On our Toshiba 451 printers there is an SMTP comunication
enable box that we require be unchecked and by default when the driver is
loaded it is checked on. After installing the printers we went around to
all systems to make sure this box was unchecked ... but after rebooting
the system they keep getting rechecked and set to the default configs.
Does the Remote printer manager reload the driver every time a user logs
in? Isn't it suppose to simply check to see that they have the printer
loaded and if so move on unless a change has been made at the server
level (ie hitting the update driver button)?

A 2nd question along these same lines, does anybode know how to have NDPS
load a driver with a set of default settings? Is this an option if we
were to go ti iPrint rather than just NDPS?