We have a NW6.5 box running iprint. Our Windows XP workstations
successfully install and capture the iprint printers.

Windows programs sometimes experience delays when printing but mostly the
users complain about slow DOS jobs. Here's what I

1. The jobs takes time to get to the print queue.
2. The jobs sometimes go into the "Retained Jobs Queue" and stay there for
some time. If I shutdown and start up the printer, they sometimes print,
and other times, they just disappear.
3. Sometimes the jobs sit in the queue and if I close the application that
sent the jobs, they print.

When users print from our legacy DOS apps, the jobs
stay in the iprint print queue. I noticed a few things:

1. The first job on the list says that it is "Processing" but does not
come out.
2. If I "shutdown" and "start" the printer, the jobs come out.
3. If I remote conrol the workstation and open a dos prompt, and
type "icapture show", I notice that the capture is in effect and the
printer is "Responding". Also, the jobs start to come out. After this,
if they send any other DOS print jobs, they print out fine (with the DOS
box open or closed)
4. Dos jobs take longer to reach the iprint print queue.

Can anyone offer any advise on how to get my iprint Jobs to print
efficiently and reliably?