The creation with iManager ends without any errors. The ipp printer works
but i can not modify any settings via iManager. I see an error (in

# --------------------------------------------------------
Ausnahme beim Lesen der Druckersteuerung (exception by
reading printer control)
Attibut konnte nicht gefunden werden: Printer Agent Name (attribute can
not be found: printer agent name)
# --------------------------------------------------------

In C1, on the printer object - other tab is missing any attributes. I see
only the following attributes:

- Eigenname
- Host Device
- NDPS Account Role
- NDPS Operator Role
- NDPS User Role
- Network Address
- Object Class
- Primary Notification Service
- Primary Resource Service
- Printer Status

The server is NW 6.5 SP 4a + Patches. The latest succesfully created printer
was a long time ago. Mhm, NW 6.5 with SP 3...

I have new installed iManager 2.6 with latest plugins and latest iPrint

Joerg Buelow