I've been having an Apache/IPrint problem on two of my NetWare 6.5 branch
servers (both originally on SP3 but one was upgraded to SP4 to try to fix
this with no success) for quite a while that I just can't seem to fix.
I've been able to work around this but I'd love to be able to finally fix
the problem.

When I try to load Apache (ap2webup.ncf) on these two servers, it fails to
load with the following error in the Apache2 error log

(OS 10037)Operation already in progress: make_sock: unable to listen for
connections on address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:631

The next line shows:

[alert] no listening sockets available, shutting down

If I go into the IPrint configuration file (SYS:APACHE2\IPRINT\ipp.conf)
and remove the first line that says "Listen 631" then Apache loads fine,
but of course, since IPrint absolutely requires port 631, the IPrint
printers don't actually work.

I have used TCPCON on both bad machines and it reports that there is
nothing on port 631 on either of these two servers. Is there any other
tools I can use to find out what may be causing this invisible port conflict?

I know the standar answer is "Update to the latest service packs" when
they're not the most current but I have about 15 other servers in just
about the same exact configuration running Apache and IPrint just fine on
6.5 SP3 so I'm really skeptical on that fixing the problem since upgrading
the one to SP4 didn't make any difference. I use all the same server apps
on these two servers as I do in every other branch and since port 631
doesn't show up in TCPCON, I can't imagine that another server program is