I have been plagued with problems of java errors with Manager and ipp
printer install web app.
I have build a new Netware 6.5 server and during setup of Iprint I
found I could not add print drivers to the broker when I click the add
from button. Of course this turned out to be some sort of an update
conflict with an IE patch. (see ticket ID#10100923). According to this
article I have to do a manual workaround because version of Netware and
Imanager and of the level of service packs I'm running.
So I browse the tomcat directory and edit 1 of the 4 files according to
the correct java script.
This allowed me to add print drivers to the broker, but the others,
are missing from the default directory...apparently these are the ones
needed to do a web install of Iprint.
Can anyone tell me the correct location of these files so I can edit
them or explain why they might be missing?