I installed eDirectory 8.8.1 on all of my servers this weekend, and
since doing so, my iPrint authentication seems to be broken.

I had just setup a new iPrint server using NetWare 6.5 SP5 with the
iPrint 4.20 client and SP5d updates the week before last, and had been
setting all of the printers up as high-security printers so that the
ACLs get enforced. I had to go back and install NetStorage on the
iPrint server afterwards to get xTier so that people would authenticate
transparently using NetIdentity, after that though, everything was
working great... until I upgraded to eDirectory 8.8.1 this weekend.

I upgraded to eDirectory 8.8.1 over the weekend because I wanted to
install a ZENworks 7 server using SLES 10, and thought that I would
bring the rest of the servers up to the same version of eDirectory
first. I didn't notice problems until today when everyone started
getting printer authentication failed messages constantly when they
logged onto their computers.

After playing around with things for a while and not getting anywhere, I
tried reinstalling the server from scratch and leaving eDirectory at
8.7.3, but I still had the same problem. I have since reinstalled the
server again leaving off all but the nss, server.exe, edirectory, and iprint updates, but am still having the same problem.

I can install printers and print without problems if I leave the printer
at medium security, but we want to use high security so that the ACLs
get enforced.

Has anyone run into anything like this?