I had a newtware 6.0 sp5 server crash hard. I have verything back except
ndps. When I try to load broker, I get "The broker could not enable the
Resource Management Service. Error code -603." BUt the rest (service
registry and event notification) of the broker loads correctly. I then try
to load NDPSM and get "The NDPSM manager's database resides on volume
'unknown'. The database for the NDPS Manager is not on this file server or
the volume containing the database is not mounted. The database must be
moved to a mounted volume on this file server to continue" Now I am
assuming that the database was on SYS which was wrong, but I did not set it
up initially. I have tried to find a place to recreate the database, but
cannot find where it is pointing now. I have looked using console 1,
NWADMIN and Imonitor, but do not know where to look or actually what I am
looking for. Any ideas other than restarting everything. Thanks, David