We shall be moving a couple of sites onto clusters over the coming weeks.

The sites run iprint under NW65 SP3 (NDPSM -3.01.15 , BROKER - 3.00.10) and
will be moving to a cluster resource based on NW65 SP5 nodes.

The printers are currently set to use the ip address of the server in their
configuration. (e.g. ippPrinterURL=ipp://

Is there a way we can tell the clients to start using a dns name for the
ndpsm (e.g. iprint.domain.local) so that we can ease the transistion?
(I seem to remember a BrainShare session refering to an iprint.ini setting
that may do this...)

Any other thoughts and suggestions on moving the config? (if need be, we
can upgrade the existing server prior to the 'move')

Regards and thanks