This weekend we migrated our last NW 6.0 box to new hardware, in
anticipation of our in place upgrade on all boxes to NW 6.5.

Initially we had problems with NDPS, as our ndps/resdir was not migrated
over (and the pre-migration install does not include default printer
drivers for ndps). We also needed to, at the advice of Novell support,
remove our broker, manager and all printers (only have 15), along with
removal of NDPS through nwconfig. We did this in order to get a clean
slate while re-installing the product.

Anyway, we re-created the NDPS system on our migrated NW 6.0 server and
have re-created all 15 printers. Four of them, however, will not bind to
the gateway. These 4 printers where working (also on NW 6 sp5) prior to
the migration. One difference I noted is that our old NDPS system was
version 2.0 and the currently re-installed one is 3.0. We had upgraded
from NW 5.1 on that box years ago.

I read something about firmware upgrades in a prior post. I assume that
the printers firmware is what needs to be updated. All 4 non bound printers
are Lexmark models, using the Lexmark IP gateway.

My question is, before I update the firmware, has anyone had similar
problems? Maybe not after a migration but, specifically, when going from
2.0 to 3.0. Does NDPS 3.0 require different Firmware on certain printers
than 2.0 in order to function??

Naturally, I can find no supporting documentaiotn about NDPS 3.0 that
confirms or denies this.

Thanks for any replies I receive.