I have recently enabled iPrint to resolve mobile workstations not being
able to access the NDPS queue-based printers through the normal "Add New
Printer" channel. After a tree split last Feb., these mobile workstations
only see outdated queue information and some printers that no longer even
exist. I chose two existing printers to enable iPrint as a workaround. I
loaded both XP and W2K drivers in iManager to the Print Broker
successfully. To resolve some Windows Update conflicts, I had to run the
TCP stack update, and load the newest workstation iPrint client. While
the broker and print manager show these printers and drivers enabled,
loaded, and associated, the web-based client only shows one of the
printers, and the install function returns a "driver not associated"
error. Same condition for both XP and W2K workstations. Any ideas?