I am looking for your comments and input on implementing a Billing Code
capability when submitting a print job. Here is a quick overview of the
from the users context.
1) Admin configures printer to require a billing code and can specify a
set of codes acceptable for user to select.
2) User hits print button, dialog pops up and either takes a new code
from the user or user selects code from admins list of codes.
3) That code is submitted to server along with job.

So here are my questions to you:
1) Would you see a need to implement this into your environment?
2) How would you integrate this into your environment (so that the
billing code submitted with the job could be useful to you)?
3) Do the billing codes need to be updated regularly or are they pretty
much fixed?
4) Would you need an SQL interface to get/set/search billing codes and
also be able to track jobs after submission with it? Or would a .csv file
for instance be sufficient?
5) Would you like users to enter new billing codes themselves? If so,
would you like them added to the set that all users can see?
6) Any other comments/scenarios?