Hello all,

I have Nw 6.5 SP3, Iprint Client 4.20, Zenworks 7.0, workstations have

If I installed a user's printers using a brower, ie x,x,x,x\ipp,
everything works fine.

If I do a Zenworks install of the same printers, the printers work,
but I get all kinds of slowdowns, ie take 30 seconds to open the
printer propery, Word slows down etc.

I've tried it with the iprint.ini AllowUserPrinters at 0,1,2,3 values,
removing the printer objects and reinstalling them with each change.
I've upgraded the IPrint backend to what I think is the latest
software. I've made sure to use the shortname option in the .ini file
and got and installed the hotfix from Microsoft for XP SP2.

One note, my users run in a locked down environment, so when I use a
brower I use RUNAS to get admin rights for the install.

Is there is difference in how the browser installs vs. using Zenworks?

I'm out of ideas and look like I'll need to go to all my workstations
and hand install printers.