after doing a hardware migration on the weekend I get some error messages in
system error log file.
For every printer it says (only with another directory):

6.08.2006 9.59.20 : RMANSRVR-3.6-0
Severity = 2 Locus = 17 Class = 3
The Resource Management Service could not open the data file
SYS:/ndps/resdir/ENGLISH/prndrv/winXP/42D4D10B/ARCHIVES/NDPSDRVR.ZIP. Error
code 1. Make sure the file exists, is not protected and has not been
corrupted, then try the task again.

Sad to see, that the folder SYS:/ndps/resdir/ENGLISH/prndrv/winXP/42D4D10B
e.g. don't exsists. But there are other folders like

All folder formally named 42..... are now named 44.... so the broker
could'nt find the correct files. What do I have to do to correct this?

Thanks for your answers.