Hello all,

I solved my slow IPrint objects installed my Zenworks 7 buy using ICM.

I downloaded Imanager Mobile 2.6, install it and then installed the
IPrint NPM for Netware server V2.0.5.20060626 Iprint Manager Plugin
for Netware.

I set it up so that the top organizational unit deleted all of the
currently install Zenworks installed printers and that lower groups
reinstall only the printers needed for the group.

In the test it worked perfectly, installing the correct printers and
curing the speed slowdown we saw with the previous Zenworks printer

In the real environment we're seeing that most of the users see 2
objects per printer. If we erase one, both go away. What's worse is
that some of the users had printers installed using the x.x.x.x.\ipp
method and those objects can't be erased by ICM.

Are there any solutions for either of these problems. I really like
ICM, much more then Zenworks 7 for printer installs.